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DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil - a first person shooter, in addition to Doom 3, to run the necessary pre-installed version of Doom 3.
The event takes place there, on the Martian United Aerospace Corporation, but three years later. New features gameplay steel updated Arsenal of weapons and artifacts, which change the perception of reality by the protagonist. There is a new tool to combat the "Grabber".
With its help it is possible to raise a variety of objects for a limited time, to catch sent to the main character fireballs and to reflect them into enemies. The "Grabber" requires regular recharging and distorts visibility. Interesting artifact was "Halston".
He has a number of unique opportunities, in particular to slow down the perception of time. Also added was the double-barreled shotgun - normal shotgun, but firing the two charges. He more stops to go to meet the enemy, and some kills even once.
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