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    800 МГц, 256 Гб, 128 Мб видео
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    2,4 ГГц, 1 Гб, 256 Мб видео
Popular South Korean MMORPG called Dragonica is an original mix of arcade and action. - Playing game created in multiple layers, therefore, seem to be more voluminous. The game has many action-elements, intended for experienced and skillful players who are boring to click on trivial icons. The formation of the hero starts with the selection of race, then identify with the class, which are different in different races. Each class has quite a branchy tree skills, gamers can distribute it skill points, improving the most important of them. Existing classes - fighters, thieves, mages, warriors, warriors and adepts. Access to classes of adherents and fighters opened the twentieth level.
The plot of Draconic intriguing from the very beginning: the numerous races fought on the side of good and evil enemies, but realized that to win nobody will manage. Peace was concluded between the dragons and other leaders of the races. The Keeper of the divine artifacts became the Master of dragons, passing relics together with his title of the heir. When the twenty-seventh ruler decided to transfer the artifacts to the commander of the First guard the Decode, Lord of the Second guard Elga opposed to this. He made an attempt on the Ruler, who before his death, managed to send artifacts, giving the power and immortality to other worlds. Their search and struggle for the right of possession became the reason of a new war, which were involved representatives of all races.
Stop the Elga managed descendants of the five heroes of ancient wars and the Decode, the apostate was imprisoned, but one of the five released him. While Elga were gaining strength, backslider collected other dragons again to devastate the world of people. This universe and waits gamer, he will have to travel a lot, to save the world from the terrible disasters, to fight with monsters, to find the artifacts. But you can have a nice animals, to furnish your home with rare items. All the heroes and villains are in the original colorful cartoon style, and the game is accompanied by music written by one of the most famous in Asia composers.
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