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Dreadnought - dimensional combat simulator, jointly developed by the companies in the Grey Box and Yager Development on the engine Unrel Ignite.
It is expected that in the game Dreadnought will be detailed gameplay, allowing gamers to get into the skin of the spacecraft. In this case, the control will be as simple as possible. Importantly, it offers Dreadnought in comparison with other projects - the scale of the plan and the usual management. The fact that all the content of the game is to ensure that we are managing the spaceship must conquer the universe. Thus, in the power of the player is not only the steering wheel and trigger switch, but the whole team spaceship!
In addition to General ideas, demonstrating features of the gameplay space strategy, the game features beautiful graphics. Detailed models of ships, divided into classes, will affect the gameplay. What modes will be available in the game and the story of the company have not been announced yet.
  • You can control all the systems of the ship, including the crew.
  • Submit the universe itself, using a fleet of ships of different classes.
  • Consider the scope of design and easy operation.

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