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Driver 2 is a symbiosis of two popular genres - action and automobile simulator. This project was the second in a series of games and is widespread among users worldwide. In comparison with the original part of the gameplay Driver 2 has changed minimally. The user is also required to manage the driver of the vehicle, to perform the most incredible job and be accepted for the following work. To the existing character, the developers have added the ability to exit from auto, theft of other machines and to be a certain way on foot.
As for the storyline, it revolves around a former racing driver John Tanner, which you will operate. Now he is on the police service and is engaged in serious cases, one of which was the introduction of a criminal gang. Now his main task is to earn a positive reputation among the bandits and to prove their excellent driving ability. In parallel, the hero will be to gather evidence against members of the criminal organization and to drive on the streets of different cities.
For the convenience of users of the system cards-scenes that show the user the upcoming plot.
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