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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project - single-user platform. The main character - comedian-chauvinist named Duke Nyukem, he struggles with the evil scientist MEK Morfik.com who tries to create radioactive tool for turning the living creatures in monsters.
To get to this villain, you must enter into an unequal battle with many things, among them are alligator-mutants, giant cockroaches, and even pig-cops, well-known fans of the series in its previous installments.
The events of the events unfold on the streets of new York. Manhattan Project is based on the engine Prism3D, thanks to all pieces of participants fully three-dimensional, while the game itself is two-dimensional. Also implemented the ability to zoom in and zoom out the picture.
The protagonist can squat, to run, to jump, and sneaking. There are a total of eight chapters, each of which contains three parts. To finish part, need to deactivate the bomb and find a card that opens the way to the next level.
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