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Game Dungeon Siege 2 is an action with silovoi system of character development. Gamers will manage a group of characters, they can be eight. In a group you can enable elves, dwarves, men, giants, dryads and assistant-familiar. In its role is magical or ordinary creature: mules, ice spirits, Scorpions, Naiads. The density and the way to build a squad selected by the gamer, it is also possible to define the behavior of each character in battle. Each member of the squad four slots: two for spells, one for weapons in the middle, one for ranged weapons. Character development is carried out by improving primary and secondary parameters.
The game's plot is set in, already familiar to fans of the first part, the world Arany, a disturber of the peace is a villain Valdis. The player at the beginning of the game acts as his mercenary, but understand that what is on the side of good. Its mission is to destroy Valdis and in this way have to do a lot of quests. The task easier ragtag group of support, in which there are disputes among themselves. The hero has to solve disputes often enough, but in the end the team achieves its purpose.
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