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Computer game Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach is the release Board games, Dungeons & Dragons, which was very popular. It has extended its various modules, books, supplements. With the intensive development of computer games fans have been waiting for, when the paper the game will move into the virtual world and it is quite justified all expectations. Its action takes place in the world Eberron on the continent Xen Drik in the city of Stormreach. Inhabit this wonderful place people fighting Golems, elves, dwarves, dark elves, palushi, the dwarves. There are twelve classes, regardless of race: warriors, pathfinders, Barbara, Barda, sorcerers, wizards, paladins and many others.
Gamers are waiting for interesting quests, dynamic short fights, traps, dungeons and many evil spirits. Pretty hard game regard to treatment and spell power for them can be replenished in taverns or specific sites. Action has in the group, which are formed in the taverns. Between participants of all things produced are divided equally, so among themselves to fight for the artifacts do not have to.
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