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Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom - economic strategy Impression from Games, as the publisher was organized by Sierra Entertainment.
The game is set in Ancient China, the goal is the development of the city. The strategy supports two graphical resolution - 800x600 and 1024x768 with high quality graphics.
It all starts with the construction of roads, because the building will not work without access to them, and residential areas will not be able to function normally. The main thing in the construction of the city is the development of residential areas. The more people will be, the greater the efficiency of the workforce. The success of the game depends on the correct use of labor resources.
Sawmills for timber extraction. To build them we need near the forest.
Clay pit for clay extraction. Based on the grassy parts of the map. Clay is used for manufacturing of various products.
Bronze - furnace for copper production. Processes them in bronze. Built near copper deposits.
The game also need to monitor the spirituality of the population. There are 4 different religious cult.
There is a map of the world and where also developing other cities, they can form alliances or Vice versa, you attack them.
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