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Enclave - action game with RPG elements. She was released in 2003, developers familiar with "the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay".
Here you can choose the basic mission and decide which side you will belong. There are two options: Light or Darkness. With the passage you have added the characters.
Knight - company Light, the main character. Was born in city Mellon in Ancamine. Was awarded for bravery in defending the city, received the title of Queen of Ilinden.
Brave, defended in Missy Light 7 States from Drug Atar.
Alecto and Ancestors, respectively Emperor and residents Mechelena.
Water - on the side of Darkness - this is a very powerful demon, the military commander and Marshal of the army Drag Atar. Lives under the Ark fortress Moore, time spent in prison.
Mandessa - black and strong witch, leader of the army of Darkness.
Ilinden - Queen of Telengana. If you choose the game for the campaign of Light, from the Queen you will receive a variety of tasks that you must perform to successfully pass the mission.
Princess Jatindra - daughter of Queen. When selecting hand of Darkness you will need to kidnap the Princess in order to bring it to the victim dark demon to Wataru.
According to the story, the hero came around and found that thrown into prison. The cellmate assassin tells us that the Kingdom was conquered by the army forces of Darkness. Army Drug Atar came to conquer the whole earth and release of the assassin. However, the soldiers of Darkness was right in the sight and killed him.
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