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System requirements

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    2 ГГц, 512 Мб, 64 Мб видео
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    2 ГГц, 768 Мб, 512 Мб видео
Enemy Engaged 2: Ka-52 against the Comanche - is a helicopter simulator. Made under machine Comanche and Ka-52. This includes all three of the game.
Proposed version is the confrontation of skill of the pilots and the relics of the most modern machines. Today's war is a local war.
The simulator is made very plausible. The machine is able to parse local conflicts and successfully to return to base. Helicopters equipped with means of defeat and they are very maneuverable. The speed - over 120 miles in any direction. The electronics can recover itself. The machine can carry up to 200 kg of ammunition.
Very realistic. Place the fighting, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. The game contains an infinite number of missions. Hero decides himself what he should do in the moment. It is possible to cover the rear, and you can attack the enemy with all the power. Helicopters make an instant spreads in space. There are a list of possible tasks, and results in Missy each time will be achieved in a new way. The machine is equipped with diagnostics of the management system, it will always warn of a malfunction. The helicopter keeps its efficiency in any weather.
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