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Europa 1400: The Guild of historical and economic 3D strategy, which the unfolding events in the middle ages in one of European cities. What remains to be done is to determine only the player, opportunities provided by many. You can, for example, to lead handicraft enterprise and increase its revenues. Or become a criminal and leader of one of the local bands, groups.
You can go and public service, becoming head of the Royal guard. There is a possibility to become a politician and to reform the country from top to bottom. The choice of specific roles will do in the beginning of the game. Features all of its course is largely depend on the chosen path.
Available opportunities to improve their lives, to move to a better home, and get titles and awards. But live forever will fail, because it is necessary to marry and have children. If the death of the main character will happen after the child reaches 12 years, the game can continue for their offspring. Europa 1400: The Guild got very good press and, undoubtedly, deserves close attention.
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