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Europa Universalis 3: Napoleon''s Ambition is a great addition to the game Europa Universalis. The add-on had a lot of improvements. Appeared detailed Windows with the results of battles, now is the turn of the order of units. Preparedness soldiers can be observed on the line discipline: the higher it is, the better they are at war. There is an opportunity to coordinate offensive by using the "statistics of the outcome of battles".
In a whole branch of the strategy grew Commerce. Fair now is not fixed in a particular area, you can build them at new location or Vice versa - to destroy. Disappeared manual mailing entrepreneurs. The same transformation took place in the building. Aggravated race for the richness of Southeast Asia, now you need to obtain the consent of the natives, to exchange beads on ivory.
The time period of the event is 1452 in the 1820-th year. In the process hero will be able to relive history, or try to rewrite. There are two game modes "Historical" and "Alternative". In the "Historical" version, all events will occur in a time in which they were in fact. A huge plus was excellent and qualitatively improved interface.
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