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Evil Dead: Regeneration is a new video game based on the famous movie trilogy "evil dead" Evil Dead: Regeneration. The product is presented in the action genre.
For the most part based on the events of the second part of the trilogy, but the variant of development of events offered an alternative. Here Necronomicon is not destroyed, as in the first part, in the past ash also misses.
Ash Williams selfless fight with evil, but he is recognized as insane. He gets in a psychiatric hospital Sunny meadows ("Sunny Meadows"). Head of the clinic Mr. Reinhard. The doctor took the diary of Professor Nobi and still in his hands got Necronomicon. The book is used for experiments and releases in the world of demons. They turn the patients and hospital staff in Madatov.
Six months lawyer by the name of Sally kidnaps diary with a doctor and understands that ash was telling the truth.
In the basement of a medical institution he meets with a hologram of Nobi, and he learns that Reinhard opened the portals through them penetrate the demons. The mission of the hero is to find places of penetration of malicious spirits and close them. Help is given dwarf Sam, he has a mystical connection with the book.
Sam, as a former patient of the doctor, knows the location of portals and talk about how to close them. Nobi warns that Sally is in danger, and the doctor needs diary to complete its terrible ritual.
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