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Evil Twin: Cyprien''s Chronicles - is an arcade game released in 2001.
The story tells about a little boy (Cipriani), for which her birthday is not a holiday but a day which reminds about the pain. On this day he lost his parents, and he had to stay in a shelter. Since the shelter was his home.
Friends wanted birthday to do Kiprianu a surprise party, but the boy ran away from the run of emotions and feelings. He is fabulous and fantastic universe called Undabed. Here Cyprien meets Wilbur, who tells about events and explain the features management Kyprianou and his second "I".
Our boy - a little cynical and arrogant snob. He has a deadly slingshot. During the game he finds various devices for the slingshot, airplanes, gum, cameras and more.
The main game purpose is to help Kiprianu to return to the shelter and, of course, on the way to save his friends. The game has eight Islands and fight with monsters. In his adventures, he meets a large number of speakers creatures, often have to solve puzzles and join the battle. In some subjects (and several of them) need to dig into the crazy fantasies boy to find the answers.
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