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Fear - computer shooter with elements of Survival Horror. The main character (Postman) - member of the Federal units aggressive response was called for the first job.
Because the action takes place from the first person, from the player is not visible. Simple linear linked plot with time intervals between episodes. Outdoor facilities are not, and scarce a corridor design are often criticized. But in some scenes still have an open space.
Attack of the enemy can be from different parties, as all rooms are interconnected. But this advantage can also use the enemy.
In the game all 11 episodes and the epilogue. The main antagonists in the game: Alma (black-haired girl with a pale face and Paxton Fetal (cannibal, which can be dissolved in the air). Alma can very quickly move, for example, from the darkness can instantly to crawl up to the player on all fours.
It is possible to use function of time dilation. Then the adrenaline in the blood increases, and the protective mechanisms of the organism increases. So you can see the bullet and faster to run. But this condition is short. There is a special syringe, it is possible to find. It gives an opportunity to increase the time of a slowdown.
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terrible news for me...because it concerns one of my favorite games

Chicago Day 1 Studios failed to make a deal with a publisher Konami for the development of a continuing series of Silent Scope. In the fall of 2002 (in Europe in January 2003 on the PlayStation 2 came on-rails shooter Silent Scope 3, developed by internal Studio Konami. The game was the last in the series, and until recently, the continuation was not the question. Creating a new project had to deal with one of the development teams Day 1.
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