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Fallout 3 is the third game in the famous series, Fallout, which is a mixture of shooter and RPG.
Usually, such large-scale and ambitious game, gamers wait marked that the developers finally got rid of the need to “hack salvage”, which means that they will create a new, nothing on a similar atmosphere and gameplay. But often, these expectations are unreasonable, as in the day of release, it becomes clear that the game embodied not all that had been waiting for fans of the series.
The storyline Fallout 3 continues after 36 years after the end of the previous part. In the court of the year 2277, it was exactly two hundred years after the great disaster, which destroyed almost all life on Earth. The main character is represented by a member of Vault 101, which was born there and grew up. He believes that since the nuclear disaster, a refuge never been opened, but he is wrong - his father had once left wall of the bunker. Having learned of this, he decides to go in search of his father, to know the whole truth.
The game begins with the moment of birth of the main character, after which the player is free to choose the gender, race and appearance of your character. This choice is the original for all the Fallout series. Next, the player will be able to partially participate in the life of the protagonist, as he grows and Matures, starting with the first year of life to 16 years. The story unfolds in such a way that to 19 years, the main character leaves the Vault. At this point in the game he can pick up the skills and voila - almost the whole world is open to research!
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PS-style vault 101

Exist vault 101, or any other shelter (God forbid of course), in real life, this PlayStation, in my opinion, would fit perfectly in its interior.

Pip-boy in real life

Everyone knows a business card, the entire Fallout series, a PDA, a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Pip-Boy became a reality.
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