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Far Cry - dimensional shooter. The action takes place from the first person on a tropical island. The developer of the game is the German company Crytek. The product was released on March 23, 2004, and was sold to 730 thousand copies in just 4 months. Today sold more than 1 million copies.
Action Far Cry deployed in the Pacific ocean (in the Northern part). A former special forces protagonist Jack Carver is the owner of a small company, which rents a boat. He was hired by a certain journalist Valerie, and they sailed the boat to the island to Kabat, where the ship began to shoot from a grenade launcher.
Even before the explosion Jack leaves the yacht and swims under water to the abandoned by the Japanese bunker complex. Behind it organized a hunt. On the phone with Jack connects an unknown assistant, which helps him to pass the island to find Valerie. He soon learns that Valerie already deported from the Islands and most of the territory are conducted experiments and researches on creation of supermen.
Looking for the solution hero finds himself in a cave, she is a laboratory on cultivation of mutants. Jack decides to blow up the lab and escape from the island.
The game is just great locations (levels), made in the form of tropical Islands in the Pacific ocean. To the desired goal can be reached in several ways - surface or ground transport.
Far Cry from the first minute captures the story, the realistic scenery and a huge selection of actions.
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Go to the Himalayas!

Representatives of the company, which is developing the project Far Cry 4. According to the creators of this version of the game can take a trip up to the mountain peaks of the Himalayas.
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HD quality from Far Cry to the attention of gamers

Another news from the camp of Ubisoft, the company States that it is going to release Far Cry in HD quality. And next week we can see a remake to the game. By the way the video will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
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