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Fathom is a three - dimensional adventure game about the underwater exploration of space with beautiful graphics, which is being developed by Ironsun Studios for personal computers. Exact release date is unknown.
Ironsun Studios develops a static adventure with elements of the simulator. In the game You will explore the underwater world behind the glass submarine. Of course, a full simulation of this question - the control panel there are no physics in the game are weak. But that applies here at all, You will have many limitations. The main thing will be that move will be almost impossible. The player is only allowed to move left and right. But it will be possible to produce a sloop, and explore the underwater space.
When it comes to the sloop, automatically comes the answer to the question of what to do in this game. The puzzle elements become visible almost immediately, as soon as we release the sloop. It is he who must overcome many obstacles, and the big ship will be to help him.
The submarines armed with a variety of tools that will allow the ship to avoid obstacles. In one case, you want to turn off the electricity in the tricky trap, the other, just shooting obstacles.
Not to mention the excellent graphics in Fathom. Realistic visual style demonstrates the beauty of the underwater world in all colors. Bright colors and realistic effects of three-dimensional graphics will create a favorable atmosphere.
  • Unusual design;
  • Beautiful realistic graphics;
  • Intense gameplay;
  • Weak physics and intense gameplay;

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