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    CPU 733 MHz, 128 Mb, 64 Mb Video
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    CPU 1 GHz, 256 Mb, 128 Mb Video
Fenimore Fillmore: The Westerner - action, adventure, combining quest and action games, computer game released in 2004 by the company Revistronic. Is a continuation of the quest "3 Skulls of the Toltecs". Events unfold in the Wild West. In the center of the plot - the confrontation between the cowboys and farmers, known for its long-standing hostility to each other. In a small town you will open new pages of American history.
Among colorful characters - the shepherds, the guards and even the Indian. This version differs extraordinary surroundings wild Prairie, a large variety of mini-games, stunning graphics, 3D and beautiful locations.
In plus the easy control, intuitive interface and music in the tradition of the Wild West. Action captures from the first minutes. Classic Fenimore Fillmore, requires a thorough inspection of all places. Found items are placed in the inventory.
Do not neglect the conversation with common characters, they can give you useful information. Throughout the process you will have not only to collect things and to dialogue, but also to grow carrots for a horse, cut wood, to pretend to be a doctor and to fish.
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