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    CPU 350 MHz, 64 Mb, 16 Mb Video
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    CPU 700 MHz, 128 Mb, 32 Mb Video
FIFA Soccer 2003 - football simulator, designed by the Studio of Electronic Arts and published by EA Sports.
In comparison with the previous series, FIFA Soccer 2003 has many innovations. For example, a new mechanics of interaction of the player with the ball. Now, it is not fixed to the player - it must constantly be customized, and if you want to run to the left or right, you first have to touch the ball with his foot, otherwise you can easily lose it. If you want to give a pass, you first need to catch up spotted ball, otherwise leg will be hit by air.
For players previous versions it will be very unusual.
When you look at the behavior of the virtual players past seasons of the FIFA series, it seems like they fixed on some invisible to the rails. In FIFA Soccer 2003 movement more realistic. Teams move jerkily, as in life, the number of animations increased, appeared individualism in the movements, each football stars is the highlight. Stands now does not irritate their diversity. Now fans dressed in the colours of clubs and planted in their sectors.
Separately I want to note artificial intelligence players - it superb. Fans of soccer game FIFA Soccer 2003 will delight.
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