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Final Fantasy XV (15) - another part of long-running franchises in the genre of three-dimensional action.
Japanese blockbuster now will get to gen console, and, of course, his features, and the sounds will be more than recognizable. This well-known fans of the series characters, embodying the views of Japanese beauty. And well-trained fights using futuristic weapons. And dynamism interspersed with well known elements rapids, turns, jumps. And incredibly strong bosses. And the brave soldiers on tanks, dared to challenge our heroes. In the hands of them - the power of sword and magic. It and they will resist evil....
Games the Final Fantasy series rarely could boast that the stories told in them, were intertwined and were somehow connected. Basically, with each new game developers SquareEnix tried to come up with a new story, new world, focusing only on the brand, but, gradually, with the advent of the market Sony Play Station (PS) Final Fantasy series started to take a completely different meaning: games stopped randomly, and found a clear concept which is very often agree with the ideas expressed in other games in the series.
And that's before us today is the fifteenth game in the series, the plot of which opens a new branch of the story. Prince Noctis begins to struggle so necessary for his world resources crystals, but together with them for crystals hunt and inhabitants of other worlds. "Briefly, the plot of the game. Bet the gameplay will be on the battle, will have to do it often. The same will appreciate well-trained rollers, and the capabilities of the engine, whereby a futuristic world will sparkle with new colors.
The game is recommended to fans of the series, and all other players hungry for adventure. And, rest assured, your head will get a lot....
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