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System requirements

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    CPU 750 MHz, 128 Mb, 32 Mb Video
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    CPU 2 GHz, 512 Mb, 128 Mb Video
FireStarter is a computer game in a genre shooter. Developer Ukrainian developer GSC Game World. Product published by the company Russobit-M 28 November 2003 under the Windows operating system.
The mind of the main character finds himself locked in cyberspace, while the body is in a game simulator, affected by a certain virus. To get out of virtual reality, you need to beat the game to the end, but it should be noted that the life-support system designed for 48 hours.
A choice of 6 characters: marine, bloodthirsty girl, police, shooter, robot and a mutant with four arms. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, special weapons and specific skills.
Selecting its shell, we click "Start" and immediately surprised by the simplicity of the process. It's just virtuality, so that monsters have a full right to receive from the air right in front of you, weapons and ammunition appear again in the same place even after you have chosen.
At each level there is only one task - to kill the enemies and collect all artifacts, gradually appear on the map in different places. You lose when the time comes. As a rule, the minutes on the way to the artifact given enough to keep everyone in suspense.
Levels only 16, they are small and monotonous, and mini card does too detailed written, and may even be confusing. Graphics happy: everything around looks cute, modelki Shine and shimmer. Engine nimble and not demanding, however, the physics of the game was old-fashioned. The music fits the atmosphere of the game.
In General, FireStarter - heart pounding action, where it is necessary swiftness and endless shooting. If you like games such as Unreal Tournament and Serious Sam, this is for you.
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