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Genre: Military
Play war flash game online

Military flash games popular among game lovers always. Although games of this genre, there are many, often they are very different. Throughout history mankind has sought out during the conflict, who is stronger, through battles. Online war games reflect the history of warfare years past, the present and even the future.

The genre of war games can be broken down into sub-genres, for example, military action flash games, strategy, shooters. Military action staggering in its diversity: the user can destroy magical monsters, to participate in the famous historical battles, be transported into a fantasy world. Some games need not only fight, but also to hone combat skills, others can play only with the use of heavy military equipment. When passing the player gets good bonuses, increases the strength of military equipment or augment stocks of ammunition.

Military strategy will require the gamer to use all of his skills, cunning, resourcefulness in order to win. Military strategy can be divided into categories depending on the style of the game:

• Step-by-step. The category in which the moves are performed incrementally. On each step is given a certain period of time in which to meet. The advantage is the opportunity to think about their next steps and combinations;
• Real-time strategy. Both virtual and real players carry out military actions in one time;
• Tactical. One of the transformations of real-time strategy, but without the need to develop or build something. Initially, the player gets the whole army, added to the game. Purpose: for a short period of time zahvatiti as much territory as possible of the enemy;
• Global. In such a strategy gamer controls the state, develops it, while increasing military power. Objective: to create a powerful state with a strong army to conquer territory neighbours, become the sole ruler.

War games have great graphics, great fun and unpredictable plot, the opportunity to feel as a great General. In addition, the flash game does not have to be installed - it is browser-based, which means you can play over the network, for free and without registration. These Flash games are of interest to children, and their parents, because they entice and relax, while train logical thinking, intelligence and wit.

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