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Fortnite - game in the genre "sandbox survival", which is designed to hit all players with its graphics and gameplay, superimposed on the familiar features of the famous game Minecraft. Developer Fortnite is the acclaimed Polish company Epic Games. The project will be based on the latest functional Unreal Engine 4, with incredibly beautiful graphics and physics. Exit games is scheduled for 2014 and no more details about this project are unknown. There is a feeling that the Studio Epic itself tries to keep all the information about this game in the mystery and save her at the time of release.
So what are we offering this mysterious universe Fortnite. As already mentioned, the project is very much similar to the famous Minecraft, only here you will be expected not square "Abracadabra" with the latest version, but really a full sandbox with open worlds. In the afternoon you will continue to provide the necessary resources and to erect fortifications that will be useful to you at night. They are necessary for you to be able to restrain enemies. This process is also very similar to the one in Minecraft. What happens in the game last night? It is from this point of similarity with Minecraft end and begin innovations. At night you will need to Kramsach all the monsters who dares to disturb your territory. All of these battles will be made in the form of first person shooter, in which you will play for the hero, which was created in the beginning of the game.
Probably, now you want to learn more about what the game is physics, mechanics and philosophy in General. It is also quite interesting. It is worth noting an interesting fact that absolutely every object or structure within the game world can be destroyed. You will also be able to observe such enemies that will not break the object caught in their path. Normal monsters requires a very large amount of time to break your barrier, but will be this kind of enemies that will be able to handle it in record time. One of these enemies - Smasher, which means "mind-blowing". This kind of monsters will be clumsy and awkward, but his huge will be able to smash some obstacles in seconds. Smasher's will also have several subspecies. Some of them will attack you, while others will attack your base. To engage with such an enemy in equal fight eye to eye would be a very rash decision, because this fight will actually be not equal and deadly, especially for you. However, look at how easily Smasher blows your every obstacle and skipping regular monsters to your base very sad. But no matter what, you have to fight with Smasher'AMI together with his team to fight back and keep your base safe.
All this and much more will be waiting for you in unusual and full of surprises the game Fortnine from the world famous company Epic.
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