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Similar authors Fortnite will be a series of trials

Similar authors Fortnite will be a series of trials Fortnite

Several representatives of American show business have filed lawsuits against the Studio Epic Games, who developed the popular game Fortnite.

The reason of indignation of the Western artists began borrowing of Epic Games dance without notifying their performers and authors. First of intent to sue the company-the developer said the actor and comedian Alfonso Ribeiro. He said Epic had included in his play the dance, which was invented Ribeiro specifically for the television series "the fresh Prince of Bel-air". The actor said that the copyright of the dance is not protected, however, right now the lawyer of the artist is engaged in the settling of this part. But, in fact, the dance itself:

Next, who decided to sue Epic Games was an American dancer Russell Horning, better known as Backpack Kid. 17-year-old boy has become famous in the Internet due to its strange dance Floss. It is not enough, as the developers also informed about borrowing movements to game emotions.

Before actors and musicians have publicly expressed their negative attitude to Epic Games. The first was actor Donald Faison, whom you may know for the movie Chris Turk in the TV series "Clinic". The actor was discouraged by the fact that his dance from the show was mega popular game Fortnite. Then, however, the artist does not have to be developers by the court, but simply expressed his dissatisfaction.

After Faison had their say rapper 2 Milly, a dance which has also been found in the game without the knowledge of the author. However, 2 Milly also did not submit a claim to Epic.

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