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    Vivendi Games, Новый Диск
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    CPU 750 MHz, 128 Mb, 32 Mb Video
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In the game Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich gamer manages a team of heroes who have to fight against the Nazis of the Third Reich. It is noticeable that the visual style of the game copies the Silver age of comics. Is it ironic, but with great respect to the creators of marvel universe.
The game begins with the fact that Nuclear Winter decided to return to the past and start a war between the USSR and the USA during the Caribbean crisis. However, her plans prevents the Detachment of Freedom, but back in the time they find out that the usual course of history has changed. In the Second world won Germany and its allies, so you need to go back in time to defeat the Blitzkrieg that changed the course of time. Last Detachment of Freedom combined with the heroes of that time. In the final battle is unusual phenomenon - Alchimica absorbs the energy of the ruler of time and goes crazy with super-powers. Having turned into a villain Entropy, it seeks to destroy the space-time continuum. The task of the characters to win it and return to Alchemes that is not without difficulty.
In the game waiting for new superheroes with the original new abilities and supervillains.
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