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    CPU 600 MHz, 128 Mb,16 Mb Video
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    CPU 1 GHz, 256 Mb, 32 Mb Video
Freelancer - space simulator, developed by the former company Digital Anvil and implemented for sale by Microsoft in 2003. The game is a sequel to the game Starlancer, in which there is a war between the Alliance and the Coalition.
Passed 900 years after the war between the allies (the USA, England, Germany, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Italy and other Western countries) and a Coalition of Russia, China and Middle East countries). We play for the young pilot-mercenary Edison Trent. The main character is not a warrior or a pirate, he's just a freelancer, with a mission and it should be performed at any price.
The plot is carefully developed, but it is lead by the hand. Space is huge, you have a space ship, but to fly anywhere does not work, because the machine will not be able to fly from one star to another, either because of lack of capacity. Travel between systems are carried out through the gate. Newcomers of the genre will not give the absence of freedom of any value.
There is a lot of space vessels pumping which will help you additional jobs. In Freelancer also there is a special classification of stellar systems: in addition unidentified, there are 9 worlds (one world more interesting than the other), and each has 5-8 star systems. In addition to the lack of "freedom" everything is on the height of the story, graphics, sound, and even music.
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