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    2.2 ГГц, 256 Мб, 64 Мб видео
Fritz 11 - chess program, developed by German engineers Mathias Fiscom and Franz Mortem and released by ChessBase.
Fritz 11 simulator with outstanding artificial intelligence and incredible computational abilities. Previous versions won the world chess championship among computer programs in Hong Kong, Kramnik in Bonn, played a draw against Kasparov.
She picks for the player level virtual opponent. There is a possibility to use a wide system for analysis of situations, based on a comprehensive database of over a million parts.
With Fritz 11 you can learn chess. The software can give advice, guidance, warn of unsuccessful moves. There are coaching function, which is regulated by the complexity.
The game features adult - arrogant guy chess game becomes more interesting. There is also a "magic eye" - function, with which the Board and figures can appear before the player in 3-D format.
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