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Galactic civilizations 2: Dark avatar is a long - awaited sequel to the game Galactic civilizations, which managed to find a huge number of fans. So, what they decided to please the developers?
Unlike the first part, now there are many different innovations. Two new races, a huge number of options - many at the request of the players, and each faction has exceptional skills. There is no one path to victory - you decide how to act and what to do, and therefore the end depends only on you.
The developers have tried to make the new product more or less peaceful, and therefore not necessarily to fight. You can just extract the resources to trade with other empires and develop. There is also a possibility of the conclusion of the unions.
If you do not want to wait until scientists will find a new technology, you can send the spy to his neighbors. That heroes are not bored, constantly and randomly things happen - can attack bloodthirsty pirates, or the whole nation will mow down the epidemic. Therefore, on the stability hopeless. Gamers were pleased with the opportunity to create space ships, making the game even more unique and interesting. Upset only graphical changes, which almost never happened.
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