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Instagram comes in Doom

The modders, the fans of the game Doom decided to modernize pretty outdated shooter, but he chose Carine an unusual way. Players have created a mod which allows to impose on the game picture the color filters in the style of Instagram.
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Remember the past - The Elder Scrolls series (completion).

It's time to return to the series The Elder Scrolls. In the last part we looked at the history of the development of the second part of the game, Daggerfall, “intermediate” Battlespire and Redguard, and the third (fifth) part of the game is Morrowind.
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Remember the past - the Elder Scrolls series (part two).

In the last article, we looked at the past Studio Bethesda and got acquainted with history of creation of the first game of the series the Elder Scrolls: Arena. Today we'll look at the next four games of this epic series, namely Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard and widely known, many adored Morrowind.
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Remember the former series The Elder Scrolls.

The Elder Scrolls. A series of games which grew more than one generation of gamers. A huge army of fans around the world, the mountain of awards, recognition. Countless hours we spent wandering through the caves of Tamriel, killing monsters, peeling tombs, saving as ordinary citizens and kings, and even entire worlds. Or just “borrowed time” everything not bolted to the floor, cleaned out the pockets of passers-by, did a hired killing, fought with the guards, and of course I ended up in prison (from which, however, is quite myself and ran away). It is difficult to call the series The Elder Scrolls just a series of games. This is a world where each of us has lived a different life, and sometimes more than one. 't want to leave. It wants to come back.
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DLC is becoming more popular

Research firm SuperData was found quite interesting statistics, which deals with sales of DLC for consoles and PC. Specialists have found that in just November 2013 developers have made on DLC over 325 million dollars. By the way, when compared with November of the previous year, in 2013 DLC was sold for $ 105 million more than in the previous year, so for the year sales of DLC has increased by 25%.
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