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Electronic Arts cancelled the game for "Star wars"

Electronic Arts cancelled the game for

Star Wars and Electronic Arts clearly something is not glued. Recently, it was reported that another draft of the Star wars universe suffered an unenviable fate.

Recalling a few close to the company sources, the publication Kotaku said about possible cancellation, which was announced in parallel with the closure of Visceral Games in 2017, the game is Star Wars. Later, some more sources have confirmed this fact. Insiders also said that we are talking about action adventure, open-world, code-named Orca, where the player had to take control of your negative character who was a bounty hunter. To accomplish this, the hero could travel to different planets. The development project was carried out by the Vancouver division of Electronic Arts.

When the EA checks with the plans for the coming years, it has become clear that the development of the Orca project is too ambitious and long. The company needed a game that the developers could create in a shorter period of time. Because of that action in an open world, and was canceled in favor of a smaller project. Perhaps the release of this more modest game plan closer to the end of 2020, when the market will go next-gen console.

But it's all rumors. The gaming community was waiting for comments from Electronic Arts, the company didn't keep itself waiting long. EA made a very vague statement, which can only be understood the fact that EA Vancouver has done a great job, but now resources departments will focus on other games for Star Wars.
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