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Long live the king!

Long live the king! Game industry

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - the long-awaited action\RPG in the first person, where the player will have to fight for his life, engaging in a single fight, and in mass battles. Castle sieges, skirmishes with these knights, fighting face to face with your enemy and stealth killing under the cover of night. All this will have to wait for gamers together with a unique combat system with first person view, which will help to play the role of a hero and join the fight with full immersion! Sharpen up your sword. But and keyboard, wipe the dust don't forget, as the company's Creative will provide another opportunity to profit not only a bag of virtual gold, but also the very real prizes. From 16 February to 3 March 2018 everyone will be able to take part in a quiz with cool prizes! Download the questionnaire, answer all the questions and passed it to contest@treeplay.ru. Play the hottest games, participate in promotions and win with the best gaming devices from Creative!

Download the application form
of the participant.
The winners will receive cool prizes from the company Creative:

Long live the king! Game industry

Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition professional 7.1 channel gaming USB headset, created for use with powerful and versatile BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro and with sensitive speakers FullSpectrum™ 50mm to provide customized and best-in-class surround sound for complete immersion in the gameplay.

Sound BlasterX H5 Tournamett Edition - professional analog gaming headset, each element of the design which exudes comfort. The headband of this headset is made of reinforced steel with aluminum trim. Sound BlasterX H5 has a proven ergonomic design, so that long games are provided maximum comfort and are allowed to Express all my feelings from even the most aggressive gameplay.

Sound BlasterX P5 - powerful in-ear gaming headset you get better quality of sound in whatever You played. Lightweight and compact, with two professionally tuned highly sensitive speakers FullSpectrum with a diameter of 7 mm, which were created using premium materials. This headset delivers detailed sound with excellent sound insulation and is perfect for players who like to play not only at your computer, but also on the road.

Long live the king! Game industry

We wish you all good luck!
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