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In this blog You can write news in the gaming industry. Information about games that have not yet announced and it is not yet possible to add to the base game. In this section you can post news about the game exhibitions, conferences, promotions and special offers developers and publishers of games, if these activities affect several games. In this section You can write review news, comparative characteristics of games, publish the tops of their anticipated products and similar articles. Please do not post in this section of posts dedicated to the games that You could not find in the database. In order to publish this post, please write to the first application for adding games, then after it passes and will be published, You will publish your post.

Codemasters has announced a new game F1 Online: The Game

Codemasters has announced the online simulator F1 Online: The Game, which will appear on PC and Mac in the first quarter of next year. In the game, to play which is free, will be presented the Formula 1 season, as well as the opportunity to play for the Manager Comedy.
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At Take-Two are enough games to do without the release of GTA V

Take-Two had planned to announce several new games in the future fiscal year, which begins "in coming months" as he recently told a company representative. Among the latter pannsylvania games can be and action game from Rockstar, the long-awaited continuation of the series Grand Theft Auto.
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Epic is working on a new game

The main Studio Epic Games, located in Northern California (where did the Gears of War 3) working on a new game. It is not a sequel, Gears of War, Unreal or any other game company, and something completely new. The information is unofficial and became known through the list of vacancies Studio.
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2K Games has officially announced the game Borderlands 2

2K Games has officially announced Borderlands 2, the sequel to the shooter with the free world, which will appear on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game will be released in the next financial year of the company, which will begin on 1 April 2012.
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True Crime: Hong Kong still alive

Truly unexpected return from the dead! As we remember, in the beginning of this year, Activision took and buried the project True Crime: Hong Kong. A huge amount done by the Studio United Front Games work went straight into the trash. Head of Activision publishing house then relaxed justified its decision "to kill and bury" the fact that True Crime: Hong Kong had no chance at a big commercial success, it would be no problem around the more eminent representatives of the "sand" of the genre.
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