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In this blog You can write news in the gaming industry. Information about games that have not yet announced and it is not yet possible to add to the base game. In this section you can post news about the game exhibitions, conferences, promotions and special offers developers and publishers of games, if these activities affect several games. In this section You can write review news, comparative characteristics of games, publish the tops of their anticipated products and similar articles. Please do not post in this section of posts dedicated to the games that You could not find in the database. In order to publish this post, please write to the first application for adding games, then after it passes and will be published, You will publish your post.

Give the new "Worms!"

Team 17 has officially announced Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. A new project of the British Studio is "HD-a combination of" Worms 3D (2003) and Worms 4: Mayhem (2005), seasoned with new single-player missions, extra puzzles and advanced list customization opportunities.

PS3 and Xbox 360 are on a par

For owners of the PC console race may seem funny, but actually passions boil there not less than at football matches, and the argument continues for a minute.

Games in Google +

Very popular nowadays and PR-company around service is gaining momentum. If you believe one of the pages in the "Help" section, soon to Google + will appear something called Games Stream.

Xbox 360 pleases Microsoft

Microsoft has published a report for the preceding financial year, which ended June 30. Entertainment unit responsible for the Xbox 360, games for PC and Windows Phone, pleased with the software giant for its success.

Kinect was summoned to court

Owners of various patents again trying to profit at the expense of the industry giants. The company Impulse Technology has accused Microsoft of stealing their patented ideas track the movements of the players.

Hackers helped PSN

Very soon the owners of PS3 and desktops will be able to enjoy an unusual platformer Limbo. Why Xbox 360 owners were able to buy it a year ago? The developers answered honestly...

EA closes the server for a number of games

EA today announced that the multiplayer Need for Speed: Most Wanted is not enough players. The representative of Electronic Arts yesterday announced that the company intends to deactivate online support a number of their games.

Would or would not

Popular and most boring (that is the paradox) analyst Michael Pachter (Michael Pachter) could not refrain from telling the innards of the Internet on the subject of future success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Divination was released and the game promises a bright future.

Network war is in full swing

The developers have invented a new network mode: players no games either, but the battle goes between game publishers. The first move is made, the shooter Battlefield 3, somehow managed to get the address All those people redirected to the page of Battlefield 3.

A new independent Bioshock Vita

A new unannounced project Bioshock Vita Playstation Vita, is not a port of the game on a new console. According to the Creator of the Bioshock series Ken Levine (Ken Levine).
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