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In this blog You can write news in the gaming industry. Information about games that have not yet announced and it is not yet possible to add to the base game. In this section you can post news about the game exhibitions, conferences, promotions and special offers developers and publishers of games, if these activities affect several games. In this section You can write review news, comparative characteristics of games, publish the tops of their anticipated products and similar articles. Please do not post in this section of posts dedicated to the games that You could not find in the database. In order to publish this post, please write to the first application for adding games, then after it passes and will be published, You will publish your post.

Unfinished or causes tightening of the 47th

Christian Alverda, one of the members of the Studio IO Interactive, which currently is responsible for the gameplay Hitman: Absolution decided to share with journalists about why the exit continue the game took more than six

Games from the Xbox 360 can be played on PC

Often, the most incredible rumors are true. And now a similar case: on a completely unverified data from very vague sources (we especially emphasize this point), Windows 8 will support games from Xbox 360.

Molyneux about the prospects for Kinect

Serious players often criticized Kinect controller, and not without reason. Even a fan and a great expert on this technology, a game industry veteran Peter Molyneux believes that while Kinect is little suited for hardcore gaming.

Half-Life 3 in development

A new portion of rumors about Half-Life 3 appeared on the Internet. Ryuuk user forum Steam, claims that he had access to a summary of one of the former Valve employees. This employee not worked on the third episode, namely on the third part of the game.

Exhibition call of duty

Big event this year was announced just a week ago, but already managed to acquire quite a fascinating detail. As you have not posted? In September in Los Angeles will host the first ever event dedicated to the popular shooter series called Call of Duty XP.

Blame Valve

The announcement of war Electronic Arts for some reason almost coincided with the disappearance of some of the games from Steam. The most intelligent among gamers and analysts have been decided that the "electronics" started to "pressurize" the market leader...

Crystal Dynamics began work on a new project

And rightly so, if resources allow, what to pull. Despite the fact that the restart of the Tomb Raider will take place not earlier than autumn of next year (if you believe official trailer), the head of Crystal Dynamics Darrell Gallagher (Darrell Gallagher) openly declares that the Studio has already begun work on nanosorbent "the stranger".

A brief news of the day

Analysts have called the sales person shooter Duke Nukem Forever "disappointing," lowered its sales forecast from 3 million to 1.5 million copies and, accordingly, reduced the estimated revenue of the publisher Take-Two.

Counting the money spent by players on the game

Serious firm Gartner Inc. specializing in technology research, was telling some of their own sources and came to the conclusion that this year playing people spend on their hobby 74 billion small, but cute and funny conditional raccoon.
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