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In this blog You can write news in the gaming industry. Information about games that have not yet announced and it is not yet possible to add to the base game. In this section you can post news about the game exhibitions, conferences, promotions and special offers developers and publishers of games, if these activities affect several games. In this section You can write review news, comparative characteristics of games, publish the tops of their anticipated products and similar articles. Please do not post in this section of posts dedicated to the games that You could not find in the database. In order to publish this post, please write to the first application for adding games, then after it passes and will be published, You will publish your post.

All the main games 2017 in 2 minutes

A YouTube user Malcolm Klock sobraz all the main games 2017 in one two-minute video. It's time to speak about what kind of game you think is the best this year.
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Announcement trailer for Mega Man 11

After more than seven years, the company Capcom has announced a new part platformer Mega Man. Mega Man 11 will be released in the end of next year on PS4, Xbox One, PC.
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Game summary 1-6 November

It is time once again to learn about the main events of eSports over the past week from our fickle news.
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