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Edmund McMillen. How were Super Meat Boy. Part I

If you are a fan of indie sector of the gaming industry, it is unlikely that you have never heard of Super Meat Boy, because Super Meat Boy (hereinafter SMB) is a real mantram and breakthrough just indie.

What to play in the "dead season"? Part 1 - Indie

Summer in the gaming industry, it is considered "dead season". In this period of time, usually the players have a rest on the seas, oceans, and developers quietly sit in their offices and bring up the Shine last elements of the upcoming projects. However, not everyone is going to warm countries, preferring sword reeking week socks bathroom, in the corner which buzzes best friend - the computer/console. There are also those who, lying on the shores of the dead, yet manages not to let go of the laptop and every now and then to Flex in one day left till the best times of the game. And so that everyone can find something in these hot(although not all hot, someone out, snowing xD) days, I begin a series of articles about the most interesting, but not always appreciated games.
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