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Schedule E3 2018 and the details of the Sony conference

Schedule E3 2018 and the details of the Sony conference Game industry

The organizers of the largest exhibition of electronic entertainment E3 presented the schedule of the press conferences that will be held this year:

  • Electronic Arts - June 9 at 21:00 (Moscow time +3);
  • Microsoft - 10 June at 23:00 (Moscow time +3);
  • Bethesda - June 11 at 4:30 (Moscow time +3);
  • Square Enix - 11 June, 20:00 (Moscow time +3);
  • Ubisoft - 11 June at 23:00 (Moscow time +3);
  • Sony - June 12 at 4:00 (Moscow time +3);
  • Nintendo - 12 June, 20:00 (Moscow time +3);
  • PC Gaming Show - 12 June, 20:00 (Moscow time +3);

Sony have already shared with the press some details of his conference. It turns out this year the Japanese giant plans to spend a relatively modest event. In past exhibitions the PlayStation E3 conference was distinguished by powerful announcements and memorable performances (recall, the orchestra in 2016-m to year). In the same year, Sony is going to reduce the scope of performances and focus on the already announced projects. In the official podcast of PlayStation the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn layden said that in 2018 the E3 presentation of Sony will for the most part focused on four games production company: Death Stranding, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part II. The remaining time will be devoted to announcements of games from third party studios and showcase indie projects.

In the same edition of the podcast, Sean Leiden separately emphasized that at E3 2018, Sony is not planning announcements of new hardware, so show PS5 from the exhibition can be expected.
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