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Telltale bankrupt. Long live Netflix!

Telltale bankrupt. Long live Netflix! Game industry

In the past few days, the Studio Telltale Games was declared bankrupt, in connection with what has been laid off more than 200 employees. In their places were only 25 participants.

The remaining 25 participants will complete the already started work on Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix.

As stated by former team members Telltale Games, none of the employees even thought that the Studio may close. On the eve of the fateful meeting where CEO Pete Hawley announced the dismissal of almost the entire state, the designers worked in standard mode, some even stayed at work late.

Whatever it was, but just learning about the mass layoffs in Telltale, the game immediately began to invite the dismissed employees to yourself. In particular, the interest of highly skilled professionals was expressed by Cory Barlog, creative Director of Santa Monica Studio, the company gave the world a series of God of War.

But Netflix decided not to miss the chance yet to release the once-scheduled game in the series Stranger Things. Streaming service took under its wing a core team of former Telltale staff to independently complete the development of the project. Maybe now Netflix will have its own video game unit, and the ex-employees of Telltale will be a normal funding.

Incidentally, shortly after the first publication of the news of the decision Netflix, the network appeared shots of the early version of the game adaptation of the TV series Stranger Things:

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What about the game based on The Walking Dead? During the hype surrounding the bankruptcy of the Studio on the radar of the press profile appeared in voice actress Melissa Hutchinson, who said that she does not know all the details of what happened in the Telltale, however, may assume that the Studio will release the second episode, and then permanently close the project. However, the Studio quickly responded to the words of the artist, and hastened to reassure players. The company said that The Final Season will be released entirely thanks to some sponsors who are interested in this project.
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