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Ten of the best games about zombies

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

The popularity of the zombie theme in games has reached unprecedented heights. Knowing that the projects dedicated to these creatures on the market a lot, we decided to help you with the choice and gathered ten of the best of the best games about zombies.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse

Raise your hand if you remember the game Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse! The project was warmly received by the press, but its sales were very weak. And it is extremely sad, given that Stubbs is one of the cutest main characters in the video game world, even despite the fact that he eats brains and apart from them, nothing else can not think.

Killed in 1933, Stubbs returns to life in the fifties. Now he is a zombie and needs to eat human brains to stay in "life." A ghoul has to wander through the retro-futuristic city and exterminate the population of living human beings.

The gameplay in Stubbs is no different than something outstanding. The main task of the hero is to kill everyone. For this he has a number of special skills. Zombies can fart and thus to stun enemies, throw explosive bombs from the intestines, use your hand to subdue the enemy and to use his own head as a bowling ball, which explodes upon reaching the target. In addition, Stubbs can perform melee attacks, have a brain and tear the hands of the opponents, which can then be used as a melee weapon.

In words, sounds not so interesting, and in fact, the process of destruction of people in the spirit of Destroy All Humans is not particularly exciting and incredibly interesting. And in General this game could not be this material, if not unique humor of Stubbs the Zombie. Jokes and references to various phenomena of popular culture is saturated with everything. Plus, the game boasts a terrific soundtrack.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

The Walking Dead: The Game

This year Saga the Walking Dead: The Game came to its logical end. The Studio Telltale Games took seven years to complete the story of a girl, Clementine, who at a young age is hostage to a dying world.

In 2012, the excellent first season of The Walking Dead video games are seamlessly integrated into the company eponymous TV show and comic book. All because the game was fair, intense, touching, sometimes naive, like her pack. Though the game version of "the Walking dead" was one important difference – it does not allow the player to remain a passive observer.
The Walking Dead: The Game is not a visual novel, this is a true interactive drama. The game makes you perform certain actions, to wander through the locations, interact with characters, make decisions that could affect the future course of history. Often the player's choice may depend on the life of the hero.
"The walking dead" from Telltale all the time kept in suspense. In the course are not only full of action scenes, but memetichnaya (from the word meme – approx. editor) message on the screen in the spirit of "%impersonate% 'll remember that", and the timer under the box with the ring, which is strictly limiting the time to think.

The authors of The Walking Dead: The Game, of course, did not invent the genre of meaningful narrative adventure, but definitely had a huge impact on the popularization thereof. Only sad thing about this story is that due to the sudden success of the game, the developer rushed to the winds and began to each other to produce similar projects. Among them were, both outstanding and mediocre. Attempts to have it all affected the quality of the future seasons of The Walking Dead, but fortunately before the finals series had not managed to slip into the awful absurdity like his television counterpart.

However, the result of all this disappointing and unfair: in 2018, the company Telltale Games suddenly declared bankruptcy and closed, with the result that the lion's share of employees lost their jobs, benefits and access to health care. In this dramatic story kind of ironic.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

World War Z

It seems that glory series Left 4 Dead all these years did not give rest to developers of Russian-American Studio Saber Interactive. In the end, they decided to make their own "clone" of the legendary zombie action. However, to blame Saber for this step we are not going to, because World War Z was pretty good "postrelushka".

Plot World War Z is based on the eponymous film of 2013. To summarize it, we certainly will not like to go into the details of the stories of the main characters. We can only say that nominally the whole point is that the world was seized with a terrible virus, and groups of daredevils from different corners of the world need to survive.

The game takes place on the territory of four (so far, anyway) cities: Moscow, new York, Tokyo, Jerusalem. Each of these cities represent individual characters, with their dramas and characters.

Conceptually, World War Z is a lot like Left 4 Dead, except that in the detail there are some differences. In the base game is still the same co-op shooter for four players, with a focus on the concerted actions of the team. But the interest here are the private moments.

Initially, World War Z looks normal. It seems that the project lacks some raisins. But as soon as you walk a very short introduction, the game throws down his trump card. The fact that WWZ from time to time creates a situation where you must fend off enemies in the makeshift arena. Large enough location pulled together hundreds of the undead. It seems that you're rushing an army or even a Legion of creatures. As in the film, they build living ladders and climb them on the hill. But zombies are not only trying to take a number, but trying to do the trick. They often come from different sides and try to surround players.

To fight with these crowds quite fun, at least at first. Alive enemies react to bullets, funny fall and writhe. In addition, constantly updated military Arsenal in World War Z noticeable varieties of what is happening. We are talking not only about the pistols, the rifles and shotguns, and grenade launchers, mines, crossbows. In addition to weapons that you can carry, there are also inpatient types, like mounted turrets.

Unlike Left 4 Dead, heroes of the World War Z you can assign combat classes: Gunslinger (Gunslinger), Demoman (Hellraiser), the Executioner (Slasher), Medic (Medic), Technician (Fixer) and the Exterminator (Exterminator). Each of the six professions develops over time and allows you to access new abilities and skills.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

Dead Rising 3

Continuing the theme of games that can hit the scales and give positive emotions it is impossible not to think about the Dead Rising series, and specifically its third part.

Action Dead Rising 3 takes place in the large city of Los Perdidos amid a nationwide zombie outbreak. The game's plot tells of Nick Ramos, a young mechanics with a strange tattoo and a mysterious past. The hero must find a way to get out of town before the military will launch a missile and wipe the settlement off the face of the Earth. But Nick can't escape alone, he must join with other survivors to work together to get to the goal until it was too late.

Included in the starting lineup projects to Xbox 360, the original Dead Rising just has boggled the imagination. The player was in full bloodthirsty dead shopping center. Here, the developers did not put any visible border. They only explained that in 72 hours flying medevac and up to this point, you should finish all the important things. Otherwise, the player was free to do whatever you want. For example, he could move through the story, to rescue survivors, fight extremely colorful bosses, complete quests, to pump a hero, and the like. Or the player could just have fun in the pleasure to run around the building of the Mall, grab came to hand items and the most sophisticated methods to crush the large striking for the time crowds of enemies.

Dead Rising 3 developers from Capcom Vancouver did not make major changes. After criticism of the sequel, the authors merely retreated from the concept of the shopping center, and moved the action Dead Rising 3 on the streets of the city. Otherwise, everything remained in their places: bright bosses, krovischa and dismemberment, bizarre weapons and, of course, zombies. That's only in trikvele everything became brighter, bigger and crazier. If the weapon, then certainly in wide range and with the most incredible "twists"; if bosses, as well as grotesque; if the zombies in incredible quantities.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

Dead Island

Dead Island is not very beautiful and not very polished game, but gamers love it not to occupy. In General, the phenomenon of the popularity of this project is astounding. Judge for yourself: at the start of Dead Island has caused a lot of discontent, because on the day of release on the screens of the players was not the game they imagined while watching the stunningly stylish trailers.However, Dead Island was won over by its originality.The debut project Studio Techland wasn't trying to copy popular at the time Left 4 Dead 2, but adopted some elements from Fallout 3 and gave players something new. In the end, immersive gameplay with a first person co-op mode for four players did the trick.

"The island" referred to in the title is situated somewhere off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Once there were holiday vacationers from around the world, but at some point, a carefree summer-one after another began to turn into a zombie.

Watch the first Dead Island have not been encouraging. The game looks monotonous, study locations is interesting, but somehow not impressive proportions. Everything changes when DI allows you to move to a new part of the island. And then it turns out that what I saw earlier was only a seed, but the scale and the real action starts here.

In Techland made sure that the players were fun to spend time in the virtual space. Battles with crowds of zombies, RPG—type progression system, step by step, dilute the action with new parts. As usual, at first you start with normal melee weapons (bats, wrenches, axes etc), then learn crafting, collecting fancy tools for the destruction of the undead, and in the later stages and does go to "ognestrela".

Even today, Dead Island is played vigorously, the project is able to give not a little emotion, but held it must be strictly to run the following representative of the zombie fighters on this list.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

Dying Light: The Following

And here we smoothly move on to the next game Studio Techland called Dying Light. If you want, this project can be called the ideological heir Dead Island, or, for example, the next link in the chain of evolution of the Polish zombies-action games. Actually, Dying Light is a lot like Dead Island and, probably, the authors were able to call it a sequel to the previous game, but to do this they did not.

The game takes place in the closed city of Harran, where enters secretly a government agent Kyle crane – the main protagonist of the game. In the quarantine zone crane should try to find a secret file. The coincidence of certain circumstances, the protagonist is introduced to a group of survivors and becomes one of the brave souls that run on difficult locations with the help of parkour. This method of movement is due to the fact that the streets of the city heavily populated by bloodthirsty zombies and aggressive bandits, and get precious resources for the survival of someone has.

Parkour is the heart of Dying Light, because it tied all of movement. And I must say, this mechanic is made almost flawlessly. Rush headlong on the roofs of houses, fences, balconies incredibly fun, although at first may turn out not all. But once you get used to the controls, if the hero begins to float over obstacles.
The second basis of the game – zombies. They move in groups and respond to sounds and motion, crowd, grab, and cause damage whenever possible. In Dying Light there are several types of zombies, the most dangerous of which come out to hunt at night. In the later stages of the game they can fight, but initially the only opposition to their power – running. The sooner you can you run to shelter and wait until the next morning, the better. Otherwise almost inevitable sad outcome of the meeting.

The rest of the game offers a classic set of open world, picking up items, carting weapons, upgrade abilities of your character. Regarding the last point, we note that unlike Dead Island, the local branch of the flow range of truly useful skills.
It is not far off the release of the second part of Dying Light, so now is the time to go through the original. Important: this project should be held in conjunction with the addition of The Following, which makes the already fun and dynamic the game more reckless.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a co - op shooter for four players and one of the most popular games on Steam, despite the fact that it was released almost eight years ago. Here a team of four players takes control of a band of survivors. The heroes need to go the hard way, starting in Savannah, Georgia and ending in the French quarter of New Orleans.

Left 4 Dead 2 offers players to plunge into the atmosphere of a dying post-apocalyptic world and try to survive in six campaigns. During these campaigns, the heroes must get to the extraction point, simultaneously supporting each other in battles with hordes of zombies.

Generally on reciprocity in this shooter is tied very much. The game causes the team to be constantly on the alert, to communicate, to think fast and to act in concert. Otherwise, a dynamic and exciting gameplay will turn into a dull shooting gallery. It is connected primarily with artificial intelligence. Here the AI system is able to adapt to the actions of a team of live opponents. Artificial intelligence assesses the skills of the heroes and is constantly trying to make the gameplay something new. For example, the computer can increase the number of enemies, change their location or to affect weather conditions, to another race on the levels felt different than the previous one.

Different types of enemies force players to adapt to the situation. In some cases, you should stay away from large zombie, in others - Vice versa to go in the front. In any case, excessive confidence and the lack of tactics, even the most feeble enemies can't cause a few problems.

Left 4 Dead 2 is first of all about the fun and frantic shouts in voice chat: "Aaaaaaaaa there's a witch! It's killing me!". Artificial intelligence, dynamics of battles, a wide variety of guns and melee items in Left 4 Dead 2 really diversify gameplay and make you replay the campaign over and over again. But if you will be not enough, then come to the aid of fashion.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

Resident Evil 2 / Resident Evil 2 Remake

In the next paragraph of this article, we will focus on Resident Evil 2 1998 year and its recent remake. It's all very simple. If you do not cause rejection of the ancient graphics and rather crooked to date, the management, the first step is to go through the original game. Well, if you hate retro, or just not willing to suffer from the outdated mechanic, feel free to skip to the remake.

Resident Evil 2 (generalize both games, reducing superfluous) invites players to relive one terrible night together with the two main characters: Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. A young guy Leon is sent to the town of raccoon city, where he will serve in the local police station. Along the way he meets a group of aggressive creatures that look like living dead. Trying to shoot the monsters, Leon creates noise, which uses the surviving girl. Together, they hop standing nearby the police car and trying to get away from the scene.

In the car the characters are introduced. The girl tells that her name is Claire Redfield and it came to the city to find brother, Chris, who works in the police Department. Heroes go to the station, but along the way get into a car accident, after which are separated by an insurmountable obstacle. Each of the characters need to get to the police building. Thus begins two parallel adventure in which the heroes are waiting for an incredibly dangerous enemies, the sudden plot twists and unexpected locations.

The authors of Resident Evil 1996, the year borrowed from the classic Alone in the Dark the General outline of the game mechanics. Capcom took as the basis of static 2D backgrounds and taught three-dimensional characters to move in the future these images. So would RE and was known as a clone of its inspiration, but that's a Capcom game had a head start in technology and its own charm. Resident Evil stood out incredibly realistic with the graphics, scary monsters, convoluted plot and the unique atmosphere created with the stunning sound and darkness local locations.

In the sequel, the authors do not have to radically change a successful scheme of the original, and only corrected minor flaws and added a little more action. In the end, the end of the 90s marked the entry of the legend, vlyubivshis millions of players. Not surprisingly, 20 years later, gamers are again and again asked the Japanese company to release a remake of the second part of the famous horror series.

Not immediately, but the developers at Capcom have yet to hear the fans and finally released a remake of the original second part. Outdated mechanics in the past. In place of the classic action-adventure with two-dimensional locations and constantly changing camera angles came to vigorous action in the spirit of the cult of the fourth part of Resident Evil. All the rest of the developers carefully moved to a modern engine, sometimes without, sometimes adding some scenes and explanations of the logic of the universe. In the end, the Japanese from Capcom managed to fill the already frightening concept of the original game with more horror.One meeting with the Tyrant cost players hundreds of thousands of nerve cells.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

Resident Evil 4

This list was not to include a few games of one franchise, but choose between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 we didn't. It would only be fair to include in the material any one of these games.
Although the fourth part of the horror series Resident Evil came out back in 2005, the year its popularity over the years hasn't changed a bit. On the contrary, moderskuyu community still actively modify the game's graphics, and prolongs her life. And just recently, Resident Evil 4 came out on Nintendo hybrid console Switch, which also says a lot.
In Resident Evil 4, the main character is once again becoming known to us for the second part of Leon Kennedy. He travels to Europe to track down the daughter of the President of the United States - Ashley. The quest leads the hero into a creepy village that is filled with zombie villagers, cultists in robes and all manner of monsters.

Between the third and fourth part of Resident Evil just did huge abyss. Why, the uninitiated man in the street will never say that both these games are part of the same series, so they are different. The thing is that in RE4, the developers went from a leisurely action-Packed adventure of the old school to the more or less usual for us to action with a camera behind the shoulder of the hero.

Enemies in the fourth part also Ismailis. Weak opponents are faster, more agile, some of them had the weapons which they use very effectively. Due to this, the fights become significantly bigger, stronger and harder. The dynamics of the gameplay has increased significantly, so to not get bored here.

While all the authors kept the usual riddles and puzzles, in order for the player to blow off steam after another battle with a dozen monsters. Often, to solve a particular puzzles, Leon has to interact with Ashley, which appears here in the role of an artificial partner.

Also Resident Evil 4 had inherited from classic parts of replayability. This means that the game can be played again and again. This motivates the various bonuses that are given at the end of each passage.

Ten of the best games about zombies Game industry

The Last of Us

The Last of Us without any discounts and exaggeration can be considered one of the best games of the past and current generation consoles. But what little things, it can be considered the best at all. This is the quintessence of what the writers and game designers went for many years. What other game can boast the same elaboration of the script and the characters, staging scenes, acting, demonstration of the relationship and chemistry between the characters.

The game tells the story of Joel Miller, who was a witness of the beginning of the zombie Apocalypse. Adapting to the new world order, the hero was forced to become a smuggler. Once the leader of the "Cicadas" - a local rebel groups - offers Joel is a great task - to conduct a teenage girl Ellie Williams through the secured perimeter of the quarantine zone. It turns out that young ally had been infected, but by some miracle turned into a monster. "Cicadas" I think that the girl was immune, and working on grouping scientists must conduct research to in the future to create a vaccine to save the remnants of humanity. Joel accepts the job, but he doesn't even know what adventure lies ahead.

The Last of Us is a pretty long game. The journey of the main characters is stretched for dozens of hours. During this time, the game forces you to endure the suffocating atmosphere and unrelenting despair, where there is civilization. You are reading the letters of dead people, meet characters who have managed to create a precarious social structure and thus bit by bit piece together the events of the world. But most importantly, you watch the relationship between Ellie and Joel. It makes one feel the atmosphere of the game and believe in what is happening.

In General, the creators of the game made a huge emphasis on authenticity. Game location if migrated from the documentary "Life after people": the overgrown vegetation, facades of houses, running through towns wild animals. It looks very realistic. Yes, the creation of "zombie" developers Naughty Dog came up with a scientific point of view. We have grown accustomed to the fact that the vast majority of works of mass culture zombies are presented in the form of corpses with rotting skin, awkward gait and other consequences. The livelihoods of the walking dead is rather difficult to explain from the standpoint of logic and common sense. But in The Last of Us, the authors showed people whose bodies developed the Cordyceps fungus. In reality, the spores of this organism usually penetrates the body of the insect and then slowly grow inside, killing the carriers. In the game the writers introduced the mutant mushrooms that can grow inside a person. Understanding that one day the Cordyceps or a similar fungus could cause a zombie plague in reality scares the hell out..
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