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The first details on A new shooter Project Riot Project A

Riot Games has unveiled its mysterious shooter Project A in October 2019, but carefully kept the details of the game secret.

The first details on A new shooter Project Riot Project A Game industry

Now it seems that the company is showing the project to several other people.

One of them said that the game seems most similar to CS: GO, if you compare with what is already there. What he played was a game five on five, all wrapped in the skin of the tactical shooter. He notes that in the matches that he played, needed 12 rounds to one of the teams won the game, attack and Oborona has varied in the middle of the game, and the map had two locations for planting bombs - this description is almost identical Defuse Counter-Strike.

Unlike games such as Overwatch, in which few characters can have the ability to kill with one shot, and the ability to determine how it will take place almost every fight, here most of the rifles in the game destroy the enemy with one shot to the head. HenryG also mentions that each class has access to the same weapons, that should mean that you can choose what you want to play a little more freely than in other games of this style.

Despite the fact that the game is based on the characters and there abilities, this is not the main focus, as in games like Overwatch or Apex Legends, he said. Most abilities require that players buy them at the beginning of each round, along with buying weapons. It seems that the ability will function similarly to utilities such as smoke grenades and grenades that exist in CS: GO.

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