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Game of War: Fire Age - multiplayer real-time strategy. This is a global strategy with a wide tactical possibilities. However, before large-scale conquest, you should build your Empire. This means that, as it usually happens, the player will get acquainted with local laws, town planning, economy, and will learn to conduct diplomatic relations with neighbors. But it in any case does not mean that the game will focus only on this. Rather, the conquest is one of the parts of the gameplay, where is responsible for the success of the development. Developers swung on the success of Total War, didn't hesitate the fact that this series of games designed for a single passage. However, the network Game of War did not apportion us a set of tools for entertainment.
Then You and large-scale battles, and global customization, and opportunities for warfare, not controlled AI. You will instantly receive Royal San, which will impose certain obligations. We should not expect the simplified gameplay that offers the vast majority of games. Even the duties of a ruler will be real. On the shoulders of the player, will not bear only the burden of a military commander, but as the town planner, diplomat, and many others. Including, You will be able to give out awards.
It should be noted also that the version for your computer and mobile devices are very different. If the PC version is a global strategy with superb graphics, its version for mobile devices is a pathetic piece of what we were supposed to see in the game with the same name. And represents something completely different. Otherwise in terms of gameplay, visualization, and the actual implementation of the General idea. And only the concept of the game remains the same: as in the adult version, here we have to do everything the same, but the picture will be different.
The combat system in the mobile version presents reduced. That is, we have a party, getting on that, we can join or not to join the battle. And the fight itself is simplified in comparison with the full version.
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