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This blog is dedicated to the life of the game community In this blog You will be able to track the emergence of new opportunities within the gaming community, information about new contests, detailed instructions for working with the site. Here You can ask questions about the site, to inform on the revealed mistakes and flaws. And You can make suggestions for improvement, improvement of the website, to exchange information and experience obtained in the games became easier and more interesting. If You noticed an error or You have proposals on the improvement of the website, generate, please, the posts in this blog in the section "In development". We will be glad to hear Your opinion.


We'll work together? Team invites you to test your skills on the battlefield gaming industry.
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We are expanding!

Excellent bullet from the front! Our laboratory conducted a study of 2 new sections:
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Was bad idea...

I am about today's post, it turns out it was published not only on the website I pointed with the same post. On the website lists the author: Artem Terekhin, I'm ashamed of this incident, but I didn't even know that this review has already been published...
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Discuss awards

For anybody not a secret that with the latest update we have received awards (achievements).
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The long-awaited update (awards)

Congratulations to all with the long-awaited update of the website. Thank you for staying with us, was ill for the fate of the project, made valuable suggestions. Thank You for your support!
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Make the website statistics estimated

Hello! Please enter statistics on the ratings for the games on the example site Kinopoisk, whose chic statistics personally to the user. But this website on the subject of movies and games there's no place where people could at any moment to go and see what games he noted, what assessment he has set, whether it is game or just played it and stuff... it would be great and convenient for those who want to remember what games he played. After passing pieces 200 games already as it is becoming difficult to remember.
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