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A competition for the best review (review) of the game

Attention! Attention! The gaming community Zobra.ru celebrating its rebirth as a start of the art contest.

Competition objective: to identify the best overview (review) of the game.
Grand prize: a license key for the computer game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

A competition for the best review (review) of the game Gaming community
Acceptance of papers for participation in the competition for the best review of the game: with 02.07.2011 by 20.08.2011.
The results of the competition will be announced 26.08.2011.

Conditions of participation in the contest:
In the competition can participate any registered participant of the gaming community zobra.ru – the player (the person who has registered on the site and is present in the database of players) except for the administration of the site.
To participate in the competition the player must write a review (review) favorite game: to talk about what I liked, what I disliked, to assess the quality of the developers on a 10-point scale of the game in General and to evaluate according to the criteria: graphics, physics, sound, story. If You have additional evaluation criteria is welcome.
The review should present a creative description of the game – the player must write it based on their feelings of familiarity with the game. It is advisable to accompany the post your screenshots if you have the desire and the opportunity, and the fan arts (this post will give extra points and will play a role in determining the winner).
One participant can submit multiple posts.
Work that contains copy-paste will not participate in the competition.
Posts all participants must comply with the rules of the site.

In competition will take part the posts containing the required tag: "competition deus ex 288". If Your post is not this tag, it will not participate in the competition, therefore, pay special attention to the presence of this tag.

Criteria for determining the winner:
The winner will be determined by counting comments and posts by members of the gaming community Zobra.ru and by the subjective assessment of the administration of the gaming community Zobra.ru.
If to participation in the contest will be declared in less than 10 participants, the competition is not held.

Awarding the prize:
Awarding the prize to the winner of the contest for the best review of the game will be 26.08.2011. The winner of the contest for the best review of the game will be sent the license key to the email address provided during registration on the website.

If You publish a post in the gaming community Zobra.ru the first time, then before you publish please read the manual.
If You have any questions, please email admin[at]zobra.ru or in comments to this post.
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