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For many years the evolution of man has always been interesting to get something to work. Whether it's an old machine or fallen into the water, telephone. Hence the success of such games as "work" or similar. It is always nice to know that lifeless pieces of iron came to the movement because of your actions. The game, which became the object of my research today works on these "animal" instincts. And her name was "Geared"! This game can pull you not for one day. You will pass the levels get stuck, look for a passage on youtube, with the hope to go still it to the end. In levels after 70 the game will offer you a real challenge. Although some levels are scattered, as if by order, for example, level 46 will cause you to think twice, and the levels from 47 to 53 seem to someone, if not a cakewalk, normal levels. The low price makes it a game from the category of must-have for all players.
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Geared for Android

Games in which you must think, has always attracted me more than others. Here and on the phone I wanted to download more puzzle games (games that develop logic). So, I present to you a review of one of these games Geared for Android.
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