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System requirements

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    2,4 GHz, 1 GB, video 128 MB
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    3 GHz, 3 GB, video 512 MB
Gears of War is a great action that caused the admiration of many gamers. Here is what to do during the game.
• The plot is quite simple: the world is destroyed, the only survivor of the weak and the lame. The main character is Marcus Fenix - a former prisoner. That he is to restore justice.
• Arsenal of weapons is quite varied. For melee, you can use the machine. But the gun is perfectly cope with exploding barrels. There onions, and pomegranates on the chains, and the gun with designator.
• Various locations - destroyed museums, caves, industrial zones, business districts fairly well drawn. So here is what. Although the credit for this goes not textures, but rather, actors.
To play the game, especially if you do it in the company of friends.
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Cliff Bleszinski little about the game

One of those who created the franchise, Gears of War, little has shared the latest news from the press in relation to this project. Remind gamers that just days ago, Microsoft bought the rights to Gears of War.
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