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GenreGenre: Brawl
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Fights and battles 2014 - download games for free.

This genre was created specifically for those instances when you put a bad mark at school or unjustly scolded bosses at work. Do not worry and do not splash out negative energy on others in such situations, it is always possible to "let off steam", not causing anyone harm.
It is enough to visit our site and quickly find out what game genre "Fights" in the top at the moment. "Fighting" is good because they can afford to play even pacifists, because they will not suffer none but the virtual fighters. But you can fully apply their fighting skills, even if they are not in reality.

The best fights on zobra.ru!

Our community is closely watching all the news of this genre and invites everyone to join us for free. Follow a simple and quick registration process, you will be able to:

• Always be aware of the best games;
• Know the characteristics and tactics of any "fighting";
• Chat online with an experienced gamers;
• To have information, where the best and the fastest download the game for PC or other device;
• To Express their authoritative opinion about this or that "Fight", to write their own reviews and type rating in the community.

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