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GenreGenre: Horror
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The horrors 2014 - download games for free.

The genre of "Horror" or "Horror", appeared relatively recently, in the 90-ies of the last century, but immediately found its loyal fans. Play "Horror Games" prefer not all gamers, but the chosen fans he does not change.
These games are contraindicated for people of all ages psyche and children. But all the others can feel it prickle and what is send shivers down your spine.
A feature of the gameplay is indoctrinating and keeping chilling fear in the player. If you get scared in the beginning of the game and will not be able to come to himself, to calm down until it ends, then consider that the developers have tried their best. Can safely carry such a "Horror" for the rating and good.

Science terrifying

Often during the game, it seems that the authors pay more attention to the fact, to justify the name of the genre than the technical side.

To enhance the effect of using multiple methods:

Action necessarily takes place in a spooky endless dungeon;
The graphical part is executed in dark and grey tones;
The cutest enemies will be spirits, ghosts and disgusting zombies;
Totally free for gamer developer will try to use in his offspring the worst visual effects of the film;
Your character will probably be poorly armed (any pitchforks or rusty sword), and otherwise evil will be extremely fast and agile, will either appear suddenly out of the darkness.

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