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GenreGenre: Quests
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Quests 2014-download games for free.

Games of this genre are intended primarily for those who like to think about problem solving. If you are boring chess, but you don't consider yourself a fool, so welcome to the Empire quests! Our gaming community offers the widest selection of these fascinating virtual adventures for every taste!
During its existence, the genre has undergone significant changes from simple text based games to colorful variations for the video game and personal computers. Many modern quests available in the online and do not require registration.

Small quest, Yes the roads!

Despite the seeming simplicity of execution and simplicity, many of the quests are passed far in one day and make gamers forget about the other games.
Features quests:

• Well thought-out story that continues to support interest;
• The necessity of solving mental puzzles, puzzles with the passage;
• There is no need to shoot in all directions, killing dozens of monsters per minute;
• General algorithm of the quest predefined, but often the story line may deviate depending on the specific action gamer.

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