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Multiplayer games 2014 - free download.

Multiplayer mode was invented many decades ago. Since then he has constantly developed and improved. Currently multiplayer so popular, that does not need any advertising.
Multiplayer genre is good because it allows you to create interesting and diverse games for one gamer, and for the millions:

• One man against artificial intelligence;
• Two or more gamer against the computer;
• Player versus another player;
• Team-by-team.

A number of multiplayer proved so successful that it was used for competitions up to the World championship. This famous shooters like Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike.
In the last decade enormous popularity began to use online multiplayer.

Multiplayer games online: cheap, cheerful and always at hand

The mass of this kind of multiplayer contributed to a number of factors:

• Availability (enough to have any electronic device connected to the Internet);
• Low cost (free or with a minimal investment of funds);
• Easy to control and easy to use interface (in many multiplayer games to understand can even children).

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